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It-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time. How often do you finish your day and think, “What have I accomplished?” At the end of the month did you spend your time working on your objectives or something else entirely? Several years into your career does it all “add up”?

It is inevitable for you to lose control of your time. Daily operations steal your time and bias you toward what is, essentially, the past. Everyone wants something from you all the time. Your time is not your own and, tragically, you get a little hit of serotonin every time someone makes you feel like the business can’t live without you. But is this motion or is it progress; are you conflating the two?

Plan your work and work your plan is hardly new. In fact it may be so old that you’re bored with it. But, have you ever wondered about the proper foundation for your plan in the first place? If you’re after the right results, and you’re willing to pursue your goals, then where should goals come from? If you start from a blank sheet of paper each month, or quarter, or year you will inevitably end up back in the first paragraph somewhere.

The best place, really the only place, your goals can come from is from your strategic plan. The reason why you exist (Statement of Purpose). What it will look like when you achieve success (Vision). A three-to-five-year Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG/Mission). If everything you do is stubbornly grounded in these three founding statements then everything you do will concentrate effort rather than diffuse it. You won’t confuse motion with progress. And, you will achieve the right results more and more often.


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