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Created: The Happiest Place On Earth

Earlier, I dropped into BestBuy looking for a gift. Sometime ago they must have implemented a greeting policy for their personnel. For a time, they would look right at you, smile, and greet you as you walked in. That devolved into a “Hi,” or “Welcome to BestBuy” that was sort of lobbed in your general direction but not at you personally. Now the greeting is gone and you’re invisible again.

The Apple Store: When you enter you’re always greeted and someone speaks directly to you (sometimes they smile!). Customers shop, learn, and discuss their needs with a small army of Apple staff members so no one ever waits long for personal service. I realize it’s familiar now but I’m still impressed with their checkout process. It’s just so cool when your sales guy reaches into his pocket and pulls out his iPod touch, takes your payment, activates your product, and emails your receipt.

So, the obvious question is, what makes the difference between these two experiences? They are both branded experiences. That is, we have come expect a certain kind of experience with each brand. BestBuy’s is what it is. Apple’s doesn’t just happen by chance. Seemingly effortless and organic it’s something they’ve invested in, iterated on, and improved year after year. Apple’s experience is one of the ways they consciously strive to transform customers into brand advocates with the hope that those brand advocates will “evangelize” the Apple message by telling their friends (or blogging about it).

Lucavìa Consulting engineers positive branded experiences and uses them to: 1) Increase the power of your brand, 2) Mobilize your staff toward a shared goal, and 3) Transform your customers into brand advocates who can’t wait to return and eager to tell their friends about you.


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