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Your brand image is composed of hundreds of little connected fragments of customer perception. Your logo, your business card, your products, the way you dress, your store/storefront/offices, the way customers are treated by your staff and then what they tell their friends. Every little interaction and every way your customers come into contact with you, your staff, and your messaging comes together to create an image. It all builds up to create your brand. Your brand = what you stand for; but not just in your mind: primarily in the minds of your customers.

It’s important to make each of these little interactions and perceptions add up to something you intend—something that keeps your customers coming back with passion. Taking ownership of the total customer experience is the single most important step you can take and it is one where you have an enormous amount of control. It’s far more powerful than any advertisement or inbound/outbound promotion—and you can invest in it every single day.

From the time a new customer starts looking for a new place to shop, to the time they return, to the time they refer their friends; you are in relationship with them. The more responsibility you take for how they perceive and experience your brand, the more opportunity you have to make a good impression, satisfy their needs, and develop a positive lasting image in their minds. But, of course, this comes with responsibility; it requires you to think outside your four walls, beyond the time your customer spends directly in front of you, and it requires a clear plan of action to make them feel qualitatively better after every interaction.

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