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The manager is responsible for directing vision and resources toward greatest results.” J. B. Say 1767-1832

Peter F. Drucker quotes J. B. Say’s definition of the entrepreneur in his book Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices. My copy of Drucker’s  1974 seminal title comes in at 811 pages. Those pages contain endlessly fascinating lessons on management as a practice–so many that even the most diligent reader can get lost in the rich detail. That’s why I always come back to Say’s definition of the entrepreneur (which Drucker equates with management) as the fastest way to get perspective on what management is and what managers do. We direct our vision and resources toward the greatest results.

Management is not knowledge but performance. Furthermore, it is not the application of common sense, or leadership, let alone financial manipulation. Its practice is based on knowledge and on responsibility.” Peter F. Drucker 1909-2005

In an earlier post I mentioned that management is not about winging it. It bears repeating. Management, according to Drucker, “Is a practice comparable to medicine, law, and engineering.” As such, it is something that can be learned.

The first and last of those learnings should be that management creates results.

JB Say portrait

Jean-Baptiste Say