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Taking Small Business to the Next Level

After 25 years of working directly with customers as the owner of a small business, and as a marketing and sales professional, I started Lucavìa Consulting to create healthy business cultures that customers love.

My Story

I started my business career in my grandfather’s retail shop. Working directly with customers every day I developed a hands-on appreciation for the small business life. And working in a tight-knit community taught me the value of customer service, personal relationships, and repeat business. 

When I joined Hewlett-Packard in 1984 it was run like a very large family. We all knew what the brand stood for, the kind of person that enjoyed working there, and the quality and innovation our customers expected. Over the years, HP taught me invaluable lessons about working with people, competing, business planning, branding, selling, and thinking about a brand from the customer’s point of view. In those 20 years I was fortunate to be part of one of the best managed companies in the world. But, ultimately, I decided to look for something new where I could apply what I had learned for the benefit of small businesses. 

In 2007 I cofounded Séva, a hair care products company based in Los Angeles and Lisbon. Séva valued the same things I do and gave me an opportunity to make a difference for the salon owners, stylists, and estheticians who drive the entire beauty industry. In addition to providing professional salon products, we developed training programs to help our salon clients increase their retail sales and to better lead and manage their businesses. This experience is what ignited my passion for consulting. Since then my practice has grown to include many salons, as well as Flip Video (Do You Flip?), Cisco Systems (Valet), Albergaria do Calvario (near Lisbon), Golden Thread Productions, and others.

My work is based on the fundamentals—you aren’t going to find any flash or fluff here. My goal is to help you:

  • Make sure your customers feel emotionally connected to you and your brand
  • Clarify your purpose and establish a clear direction
  • Increase your capabilities and be more effective
  • Create teams working together toward common goals

I get great satisfaction from helping others achieve. I love taking things that already work and making them better. Share your professional and brand goals with me and we’ll develop a plan to achieve them.

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